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Souma Chowdhury UB Profile
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Assistant Professor
246 Bell Hall
Buffalo NY 14260
Publication Types
Authors: Souma Chowdhury, Victor Maldonado, Weiyang Tong, Achille Messac
Journal-article: Journal of Aircraft, vol. 53, pp. 309-322, 2016
Authors: Souma Chowdhury, Jie Zhang, Achille Messac, Luciano Castillo
Journal-article: Renewable Energy, vol. 52, pp. 273-282, 2013
Authors: Jie Zhang, Souma Chowdhury, Junqiang Zhang, Achille Messac, Luciano Castillo
Journal-article: AIAA Journal, vol. 51, pp. 643-656, 2013
Authors: Souma Chowdhury, Weiyang Tong, Achille Messac, Jie Zhang
Journal-article: Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, vol. 47, pp. 367-388, 2012
Authors: Achille Messac, Souma Chowdhury, Jie Zhang
Journal-article: Journal of Turbulence, vol. 13, pp. N13, 2012
Authors: N. Chakraborti, A. Shekhar, A. Singhal, S. Chakraborty, S. Chowdhury, R. Sripriya
Journal-article: Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, vol. 16, pp. 1023-1046, 2008
Authors: Saptarshi Basu, Souma Chowdhury, Suman Chakraborty
Journal-article: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 50, pp. 4493-4498, 2007
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